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SAP Online Training Courses

SAS Online Training Courses

Placement Cell

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Why SAP?

SAP in India is becoming increasingly popular these days as:

  • SAP allows customizing the software to specific needs of the company
  • SAP is user-friendly, familiar looking, and has an experience of windows based applications
  • SAP can be used worldwide
  • It is easy to process user transactions with SAP
  • SAP increases liability
  • SAP improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees
  • SAP improves upon the business process efficiencies
  • SAP gives reliable, accurate, and instant information
  • Old software systems do not meet the need of companies
  • SAP is a affordable and no special software is required to access
  • SAP supports all the fields, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Logistics, Operations, etc.

Why SAS?

For thirty-four years, SAS has provided its users with the most powerful analytical software in the world and supplemented it with high quality, state-of-the-art training. with training from SAS you'll become more productive, efficient and innovative in your use of SAS and learn how to get the most out of your software investment.In the coming year, we hope you'll choose to experience the benefits of SAS training for yourself.

SAS is software where in they can use it in their domain and it is comparatively easy to learn as SAS® is neither a menu-driven nor a command driven application. Rather it relies on user-written scripts or “programs” that are processed when requested to know what to do. Because it is a script-based application, the key to being successful using SAS is learning the rule and tricks of writing scripts.

• Can process large data set(s)

• Easy to cope with multiple variables

• Can track all the operations on the data set(s)

• Can generate systematic output

• Summary statistics

• Graphs

• Regression results



The Elite tech Training & Placement Cell has the goal to provide employment opportunities & world class training to Elite Tech students in leading organizations.


TRAINING it arranges training for students in SAP all modulus by Industry Working Professionals Our trainers provide project exposure to the students .

The students of the college undergo their training at various prestigious organizations. The students act as a channel of communication with the industries.

PLACEMENTS we connected with all the reputed organizations including MNCs for their recruitment. To achieve its goal, the Training & Placement Cell works towards recognizing the core competencies of students. It works through a close knit organization and has a structure which conveys information to the students at the fastest possible rate. Our students placed in leading MNCs .

We Provide Job Assistance to our students to acheive thier career goals .



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